Finding Yourself in the Past, Present, and Future

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”- Aristotle We have all heard about how fully accepting who you are and then being brave enough to live your truth is the greatest and most important adventure in our lives. But the notion can feel abstract and unrealistic. It can be difficult to distinguish how to begin … Continue reading Finding Yourself in the Past, Present, and Future

Love Doesn’t Always Mean Monogamy

And it's not as bad as you think. Think back to your first relationship. Could you have been completely satisfied with remaining with that person forevermore? Could you have faced a lifetime of learning and growing from that first love? What about your second lover … third? While some of us are destined to discover … Continue reading Love Doesn’t Always Mean Monogamy

Give and Take

My mother has been catapulted into a new existence since my stepfather passed away in early 2018. She has had to learn how to stand on her own two feet for the first time in her life. She’s had to work out how to pump her own petrol, pay the bills and handle finances. She’s … Continue reading Give and Take

Living from the heart – are you an under or over-roller?

There are two types of people in the world: those who hang their toilet paper rolls in an over position, and those who hang it in the under position. You can tell a lot about a person about the way they hang their ass-napkins. According to Dr Gilda Carle, “People who roll over are more … Continue reading Living from the heart – are you an under or over-roller?

Where’s the Excitement at?

Everyone else had it nailed. They seemed to be sure of who they were and what they wanted out of life. My friends graduated from school with plans. I graduated with a half-baked idea of umm … hairdressing. I think. That was after notions of becoming a marine biologist or a photographer idled through my … Continue reading Where’s the Excitement at?

Unravel Your Thoughts, Ponder the Mysterious.

“Life is a series of constantly shifting cycles. When we resist change, we resist the natural flow of life and create unnecessary stress. Go with the flow – you will be surprised where it leads.” I pulled the above quote from a pack of heart-shaped Lovers Oracle Tarot cards I bought back in 2009. That … Continue reading Unravel Your Thoughts, Ponder the Mysterious.

Getting Real

Who Am I? Have you ever sat down and silently pondered that question? I mean, really allowed the thought to seep into your consciousness to the point you’re confronted with your deepest truths. What you see and acknowledge when you strip the layers can be rather unsettling at first, but when you push past the … Continue reading Getting Real

Abuse Me, Abuse Me Not

“Everything depends on your attitude towards yourself. That which you will not affirm to be true of yourself can never be realised by you, for that attitude alone is the necessary condition by which you realise your goal.” ~ Neville Goddard. I tend to never think about the past. For me, the past has served … Continue reading Abuse Me, Abuse Me Not

I am a BIRD

When my mother was pregnant with me, my parents moved to a tidy brick, semi-detached home nestled in a quiet street in the southern suburbs of Sydney. There was a huge tree on the street outside our home, and the front yard had two small sections of lawn. The gardens were minimal but well maintained … Continue reading I am a BIRD