Awakening the Heart Can Do Anything

But it takes a whole lot of courage to get there. A rustic wooden heart dangles on a solitary, wrought iron candelabra that my son crafted during a metal workshop lesson some years ago. It’s rough and wore-torn, and it leans slightly to one side but I love it. It stands atop a chest of … Continue reading Awakening the Heart Can Do Anything

Love on Time

Let’s assume you live for 100 years. Kim: Let’s talk love. What does love mean to you, Mr X.? Xavier: Dear Lord, I’m either a really good person to ask about love or really bad. I guess I’m really good to ask because the synapses of my hopelessly romantic mind are always charged; sometimes overloaded … Continue reading Love on Time

Is All Fair in Love And War?

Don’t let it steal your light. My mother was severely abused as a child. She is a twin. Her sister was born first. Then, it became apparent there was another baby — my mother. It was during the late 1940’s, a time when determining a twin pregnancy wasn’t as easy as it is today. My … Continue reading Is All Fair in Love And War?

Writers Are More Prone to Depression

But it doesn't have to be that way. Last night, I attended a Shamanic Drumming circle. It had been a few months since I had joined circle. When my friend Catherine mentioned the upcoming session, I didn’t hesitate — something inside me recognized the need for the soul-cleansing and inner-healing these sacred drumming circles bring … Continue reading Writers Are More Prone to Depression

Relationships and the Power of Standing Your Ground

Something like love and respect. According to my ex-boyfriend, 99% of women are ungrateful and I am one of them. Uh-oh. Looks like we might have a woman-hater on the loose. Someone call the United Nations Gender Equality hotline. I’ve flushed out a real-life, undercover misogynist. He’s all yours. Yep, I have been analyzed, categorized … Continue reading Relationships and the Power of Standing Your Ground

Writing Through Disaster and Conflict

It is our emotions that are our greatest muse. Natural disasters. Terrorism. Racism. Human rights. Animal cruelty. Inequality. The world won’t stop for you. Nature will always do its thing, and people … well, they will always be people. Personally, I am among the benevolent among humanity. There is not an inch of me that understands … Continue reading Writing Through Disaster and Conflict