Finding Yourself in the Past, Present, and Future

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”- Aristotle We have all heard about how fully accepting who you are and then being brave enough to live your truth is the greatest and most important adventure in our lives. But the notion can feel abstract and unrealistic. It can be difficult to distinguish how to begin … Continue reading Finding Yourself in the Past, Present, and Future

Qualities of a Sexy Woman

“Everyone wants to be sexy.” — Brad Goreski There was a time when all it took for me to feel sexy was hearing Prince singing Erotic City. These days? I need killer eye contact with a man who smells like a summer storm and who can make me laugh until my panties slide south. Nothing is sexier than a … Continue reading Qualities of a Sexy Woman

How to Master Your Life Before You Run Out of Time

You don’t have forever to get what you want. My late stepfather used to say that life is like a stage-play and we are like actors playing out our roles on the stage called life. He was never short on words, but of all the words I had listened to him say during my time with … Continue reading How to Master Your Life Before You Run Out of Time

The Truth About Honesty

4 things to consider before you get brutally honest with the people you love. I’m not sure why people feel as if the truth needs to be brutally delivered in order to be effective. I believe that honesty embodies the qualities of love, matters of the heart and empathy. Brutality and cruelty are elements directly … Continue reading The Truth About Honesty

Beating Imposter Syndrome

by Rosie Wylor-Owen Ambition isn’t simple. It’s a glorious hope of a better life, a contented life; maybe the ideal life that we’ve always wanted to lead, but it isn’t simple. It feels that way when we first set out pursuing whichever dream we have latched onto with gusto. Isn’t it just a case of … Continue reading Beating Imposter Syndrome

Coping Calendar

"In this moment when we’re so disconnected and afraid, the answer might not be a freebie. That might simply push us further apart. The answer might be showing up to do the difficult work of connection, of caring and of extending ourselves where it’s not expected." - Seth Godin: Generous isn’t always the same as … Continue reading Coping Calendar