News Break Ghost-Rejected Me

Not every Medium writer is permitted to board this gravy-train. Sometimes the writing life can feel like one big hustle. I’ve got the tattoo on my left leg and the garter on my right. I’m wheelin’, dealin’, writing. I’m holding a wild deuce one day and the next, I’m folding, ready to walk away. The … Continue reading News Break Ghost-Rejected Me

Dirty-Love Dozen

A Grunge-Rock Love Journey. Honestly, I’m not a Valentine’s Day kind of woman. I won’t lie, there was a time when it might have meant something to me. When I fell for the “flawless” romantic Valentine’s Day hype we see in the media. You know, the pipe-dream feeding us the scoop about how important it … Continue reading Dirty-Love Dozen

My Words Dried Up

by Catherine Evans I’m just starting to find them again Towards the end of 2019, my words stopped. I had no words to express myself, my thoughts and feelings, about what was happening in Australia — bushfires, destruction, loss. I still don’t have words to express that, or for the global pandemic that happened next. … Continue reading My Words Dried Up

The Creative Secrets of Shamanic Drumming

You’ve got to feel the beat. “It is of the first order of importance to remember this, that the shaman is more than merely a sick man, or a madman; he is a sick man who has healed himself, who is cured, and who must shamanize in order to remain cured.”― Terence McKenna Shamanic drumming is a … Continue reading The Creative Secrets of Shamanic Drumming

Please — Stop the Madness!

A Poem by Harley Christensen Constant chatter… Pummels my mind. A barrage of opinions…innuendos…wild conjectures… Everywhere I turn…screaming for attention. Warning: Possible Information Overload Too much to process… Nowhere to escape. Can’t…think…straight… Warning: Fatal Error Has Occurred — Must Shut Down Entering recovery mode… Silence greets me… Precious, beautiful silence. Stop the madness… Embrace the quiet. Originally … Continue reading Please — Stop the Madness!

Seasons of Life

Hello friends, Welcome to the very first Living Out Loud newsletter! Super exciting. So, the world is still spinning on crazy as we continue to move through transitional times, but the warmer days here on the Australian eastern seaboard are beginning to renew my sense of hope for the future — how are you doing? … Continue reading Seasons of Life

Bringing Yourself to the Page

Life is a series of thought-provoking moments, eliciting our emotions and imprinting our psyche. Life is creation in-action. No one gets a free ride. We all love like crazy; maybe feel pangs of hate; take a deep breath before a leap of faith, and sometimes we get hurt — we learn and grow through pain. … Continue reading Bringing Yourself to the Page

Value Distractions to Be More Productive and Creative

Make conscious connections. Why do you get your best ideas in the shower? I don’t need to talk to you directly to know that there are days when you spend an embarrassing amount of time in front of expensive equipment staring blankly at the screen, only to later get your best ideas in the shower. … Continue reading Value Distractions to Be More Productive and Creative

Value Your Creative Energy: The Benefits of Connecting with Your Higher-Creative Mind

The higher-self is a term associated with a variety of belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, conscious and intelligent being which represents our most authentic state. The higher-self embodies our spirit which is expressed through our human vessels — the part of ourselves that exists beyond the conditioning learned throughout our life experiences. Conditions … Continue reading Value Your Creative Energy: The Benefits of Connecting with Your Higher-Creative Mind

Write with Feeling: How Relationships Bring Depth to Our Characters

Do you struggle to create full-bodied characters? Churning out words, outlining and wrapping your brain around plot twists, story themes and arcs can often be mentally exhausting, and then we have to make sure our characters have depth enough to resonate with our readers. "I know the feelings but I don't know how to express … Continue reading Write with Feeling: How Relationships Bring Depth to Our Characters