Dancing with the Devil: Emotional and Psychological Manipulators

It sounds rather dramatic, doesn’t it — to dance with the devil? The thought instantly conjures grotesque visions and disturbing swirls in the pit of your stomach. Well, it should. I mean, the devil is a personification of everything evil and sinister. Portrayed as a dark enigmatic beast, he is seen as the manifestation of … Continue reading Dancing with the Devil: Emotional and Psychological Manipulators

Cry to Me

Blood Legends: Undead - Episode Eight "She's gone." When your baby leaves you all alone and nobody calls you on the phone. Silence is a noise. Ragged breaths and the soulful sounds of Solomon Burke’s Cry to Me screamed through my mind as I stared at my daughter. It was her favorite. The moments stalled. … Continue reading Cry to Me

Love is a Journey towards Surrender

And through our words we discover deep truths. In 2017, I created a blog because I had read someplace that an author should have a blog as part of their online presence. I was new on the publishing scene, having written and published one novel with limited knowledge and without much of a solid plan. … Continue reading Love is a Journey towards Surrender

Love Doesn’t Always Mean Monogamy

And it's not as bad as you think. Think back to your first relationship. Could you have been completely satisfied with remaining with that person forevermore? Could you have faced a lifetime of learning and growing from that first love? What about your second lover … third? While some of us are destined to discover … Continue reading Love Doesn’t Always Mean Monogamy

The Proposition

Blood Legends: Undead - Episode Seven Fail and we were dead. The vampire’s image flashed through my mind. Soulless eyes. It wasn’t even a thought. I was too pumped to think. My nerves felt stringy. My chest throbbed. I bounded up the stairs and every muscle strained. Sweat stung my eyes and almost blinded me … Continue reading The Proposition

Writers Are More Prone to Depression

But it doesn't have to be that way. Last night, I attended a Shamanic Drumming circle. It had been a few months since I had joined circle. When my friend Catherine mentioned the upcoming session, I didn’t hesitate — something inside me recognized the need for the soul-cleansing and inner-healing these sacred drumming circles bring … Continue reading Writers Are More Prone to Depression

Rare Blood

Blood Legends: Undead - Episode Six Cold. It crept through me and jarred my senses. "Who or what the hell is out there" Avila stalked between two long benchtops. She stopped to whirl around and glare at Michal. "You’ve set us up." She had a point. It was clear we weren’t alone. Michal’s bald skull … Continue reading Rare Blood

Who Wants A Virgin Anyway?

“A houri is a beautiful young woman with a transparent body. The marrow of her bones is visible like the interior lines of pearls and rubies. She looks like red wine in a white glass. She is of white color, and free from the routine physical disabilities of an ordinary woman such as menstruation, menopause, urinal and … Continue reading Who Wants A Virgin Anyway?

Dead Air

Blood Legends: Undead - Episode Five Was I leading her into a death trap? The print of my palm smudged the slick of grime layering the heavy glass door as I eased it open. Dozens of contorted prints already smeared the surface. Avila’s short breaths pricked the hairs on my neck as I peered into … Continue reading Dead Air

Some Apologies Are Endless.

And some are made from delusions. When I was a teenager my friends and I spent many hours discussing futuristic relationships. Secrets smiles and girly giggles accompanied much of these conversations. Dreams floated somewhere above us encased within invisible pink bubbles tied with crimson ribbons; the man of our dreams awaited to sweep into our lives … Continue reading Some Apologies Are Endless.

Hollow City

Blood Legends: Undead - Episode Four What if I couldn’t get to her in time? “So, what’s your story, huh?” Avila glared at Sun sitting between us on the bench seat as we raced along the highway. Sun shrugged; her fingers twisted in her lap. “What do you mean? My story isn’t any different from … Continue reading Hollow City