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A Stroke of Faith

How do you dilute the darkness when it seeks to overshadow your soul?

Glen is not feeling himself lately. Something sinister is lurking through his mind and tormenting his soul. He struggles to maintain his sanity, yet the creeping darkness becomes all too overpowering when he comes home one evening and finds his world collapsing before him.
Drawn to a woman who paints in the park, Glen realizes the dark beauty may be the only way he can salvage the little faith that remains within him.
Prequel to Millie’s Angel and Angels & Vixens, A Stroke of Faith will take you along a path riddled with struggle and emotion; as the core of Glen Anderson’s countenance is revealed.

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Millie’s Angel  

Betrayal is always the last place you expect.

When her mother decides to leave, Millie’s life is turned upside down as she faces life with a father who has a mysterious dark pallor shrouding his countenance. Millie grows up relying on her own strength and the comfort that comes from a friend and a romantic connection that has her heart smitten.
As she struggles to make sense of life, Millie discovers her growing thirst for love while learning to overcome the adversity that plagues her family.
When Millie discovers the dark secrets surrounding her birth, she realises the unthinkable acts of her father, and finds herself battling between love and hatred while finding a sense of balance through a powerful bond with an angel.
When her mother contacts her a decade later, Millie visits with her just in time to realize her own angelic gift, when she finds she is not alone in discovering her mother’s whereabouts. With evil lurking between the cracks in her family, the appearance of Millie’s gift – a phenomenon that will heal and shine brighter than she could ever have imagined – changes her family’s perspectives and the direction of their lives forever.

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Angels & Vixens

Her love has no limits.
His vengeance knows no bounds.

With her brother Ace dangerously lurking in her dreams,Millie finds herself captive in a delicately woven love-triangle between past desires and her faithful fiance. When she finally decides to follow the path which beckons her heart, Ace and his black witch lover sweep into town; leaving a poisonous trail of death and vengeance in their wake.
Millie’s life blackens as her brother’s vendetta becomes her reality and she is drawn into a savage game where the stakes are higher than she could have ever imagined. Can she save her brother from the evil that clutches his heart before he is lost to her forever?  And will the men in her life learn to accept her truths?

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Dark Shadows: Vampires and Ghosts of New Orleans (An Authors on a Train Short Story Collection) 

Vampires and ghosts lurk in the dark shadows of New Orleans. Join us on a journey through the historic French Quarter where the spirits of the dead linger just beyond the reach of the living. Five mysterious and thrilling stories from ten authors guaranteed to send a chill up your spine.

Dark Shadows represents the culmination of the “Authors on a Train” experience led by Zach Bohannon and J. Thorn—a writers’ retreat beginning with an overnight train ride from Chicago to New Orleans and ending with a five-day residence in the French Quarter where authors collaborated on stories inspired by the history and culture of the Crescent City.

Dark Shadows


Ascended Angel Series

Angels Awaken when Demons don’t sleep.
A group of celestial beings watch over the earth, protecting the human race against The Serpent God; Apepsis and his unrelenting quest to incarnate and control the earth with his deadly Will.
These beings are the Ascended Angels and their Descendants.
Follow Millie and her family along an exciting, vengeful and bittersweet path which will ultimately result a pivotal showdown between the light and the ever-present dark that seeks to conquer the earth, in the Ascended Angels Series.