Creative Writing Energy Mastermind Group

Why Wait for the muse to find you?

Fantastic! You are one of the chosen few who feel the urge to create stories. You love storytelling – your goal is to write books and share your message with the world for a living. Maybe you’ve finished a manuscript, or have even published a book or more and you’re seeking to find a creative support system – one that fits.

Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary process.

Are you finding it difficult to tap into your creative flow? Do you need fellow authors to help brainstorm your crazy ideas? Are you lacking support in your creative life?

Distractions. Doubt. Fear. Creative Blocks.

These feelings can be overwhelming and crippling to your creative process, blocking you from fulfilling your true “soul calling”. Given too much power, it is easy to find yourself in a progress-loop – that tight coil where the words aren’t flowing onto the page.  

You’re serious about writing but you’re feeling alone and confused in a publishing world teaming with the “big sharks”, and you’re looking to connect with a small group of like-minded people who can help keep your writing goals on track.

We’ve been there. We know how you feel.

Maybe it’s time to find your own loving “creative family” – a safe place where kindred spirits can bond and support one another without the ego-driven B.S often found within online writing communities.

With 12 years collective experience behind us, we know firsthand the power of collaboration in an intimate setting. A place where we can bond, learn, share our experiences and hold each other accountable for our goals. A setting guided with expert advice, instructor-modeled tasks, feedback and encouragement where you can connect and network with other writers as your own writing career shines.

It’s time to create the life you’ve always wanted. It’s time to find your tribe, tap into your creative writing energy and live your dream. It’s time to join the Creative Writing Energy Mastermind Group.

A Mastermind created and taught by Kim Petersen & Catherine Evans.  

We want you to succeed.

We’ve developed a program we know will help you get unstuck and find your creative flow, as well as teach you what it means to be a successful author in today’s publishing landscape and help you implement these practices and strategies.  

Between us, we have 22 titles published and 12 years of collective writing and publishing experience. Kim has spent time collaborating and working with some of the best authors in the Indie publishing industry. She writes urban fantasy, paranormal and dystopian fiction.

Catherine has participated in several collaborations and writes rural romance, she also has a naughty pseudonym, Cate Ellink, who writes erotica and erotic romance.

After meeting at a writing workshop, they combined forces and have written and published two books together, Untamed Destinies and Creative Writing Energy: Tools to Access Your Higher Creative Mind. They plan to build a community of writers helping each other maintain their creative writing energy.

Catherine has presented writing workshops for the South Coast Writers Centre, Romance Writers of Australia and local libraries. Together, we have presented a workshop on Self-Publishing for the Shellharbour Library, and a talk at the Nowra Library. We have a few events in the pipeline for 2020, including a live presentation for WriteHive Writing Convention.

We present a weekly podcast show on Creative Writing Energy where we get together to discuss the writing life, craft and alternative practices.

Are you ready to take a journey with us toward unlocking your creativity and navigating the most common pitfalls of writing and publishing with professional support?



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Our February 2020 Mastermind

Only $199 a Month!

Are you ready to get unstuck, find and keep your creative flow, and be a part of an awesome, supportive writing tribe? Click the button to fill out the application.

We’ll ask you questions about your author platform — what it looks like now, your future visions and your expectations about the Creative Writing Energy Mastermind. If we don’t think we can help you transform from a struggling creative to a self-assured author, we’ll get in touch to discuss but we won’t send an invitation to join. The Creative Writing Energy Mastermind isn’t for everyone.

This group is limited to 8 writers. We promise that you’ll receive individualized attention and ample opportunities to interact and connect with the other members of this new creative family.

If you’re selected to join the Creative Writing Energy Mastermind, we’ll send you more information and answer any additional questions you might have before you commit.


To fulfill your “soul calling” and live your dream as a successful author, you need guided methods with immediate assessments. The Creative Writing Energy Mastermind Group will help you get unstuck and back on track toward the dream.

You’ll become part of a creative family and journey with us through many topics and discussions so that you can learn how to tap into your creative resources, avoid costly publishing mistakes and proceed confidently on the path you were born to experience – the writer’s life.   

Some of the Topics we’ll Journey Together Include:


Methods, practices and tips to access your higher-creative mind and stay there

Free-form writing


Guided Meditation

Nourish the body, nourish the mind – developing healthy habits

The importance of cultivating imagination – tips and exercises to help you get there


Developing writing habits that work and identifying those that DON’T work

Optimizing character development and dialogue

Deep dive into scenes – analysis/assessment 

Story pitch sessions

Weekly creativity prompts to inspire your writing


Self-publishing for success 

Optimizing social media platforms 

Content marketing your own way

Fanbase for authors – how to grow and serve your readers 

Creating and executing a book marketing plan

Find your creative family – Join the Creative writing energy mastermind


Private Slack Community 

Exclusive online community. You will join our Mastermind Slack group where we can share experiences and work through problem solving together in a friendly and supportive environment.


Fortnightly group video calls via Zoom with regulated conversations, pitch sessions and set tasks to keep your writing on track.

Cozy group interaction

Only 8 seats available. Intimate group learning designed to foster your individual needs.

Four Month Program

Extensive program without the necessity for a long-term commitment.

Guided Practice and Techniques

Consistent and personalized feedback, demonstrations and guidance to help you get in the flow.

Locked Pricing and pay-by-the-month Discount Option

Keep your fee “locked in” for as long as you stay in the Mastermind. Pay monthly and receive a 10% discount!

Weekly or fortnightly payment options also available.

Is the Creative Writing Energy Mastermind right for you?

There are loads of online writing classes, books and forums about learning the craft and becoming successful. Some of these are great, but there is no supplement for hands-on, individualized attention provided in an intimate setting with like-minded people. People who aspire to push against the boundaries. People who dare dream to live the writer’s life. People who have an important message to give to the world.

Does this sound like you?  

Do you feel as if you’re working with little progress?

Do you accept that nothing is permanent in this world except change and are willing to value the opinions of those that have journeyed the writing path before you?

Do you believe writing is your “soul calling” and realize that by investing in Mastermind you’re investing in yourself; in your career?

Do you have an open mind and attitude and are you willing to stretch your perspective to alternative practices?

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you have a strong work ethic and want to try new things?

Do you want to have some fun?  

Here’s what you will need when you join:

You understand that your writing business requires an investment of time and money.

You have a central understanding of how to write properly, including proper grammar and punctuation.

You are passionate about bringing your best work to the page.

You are self-motivated, ambitious and organized. You honor deadlines, are open and comfortable to receiving critical feedback, and can work in unison with other responsibilities.

You are comfortable in a small group setting, celebrate diversity, and treat others respectfully.

Apply to join – Limited to 8 Seats

The Creative Writing Energy Mastermind is dedicated to your success.

To be eligible, you must complete an application that will help us determine if this mastermind can help you achieve your goals and if you’ll be a good fit for our creative family.

If you’re selected, we’ll be in touch with more information.