CWE Podcast

 Conversations about the writer’s life, craft and alternative practices.

Rewiring your Brain for Creativity with Bestselling Author Beth Prentice

Join us in a creative discovery as we pick best-selling author, Beth Prentice’s … erm … brain and pluck out her secrets on how she balances between the logical and creative parts of her brain to generate a productive author business.

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The Pendulum for Creativity

The Pendulum has a rich history dating back as far as 6000 BC. Historically used to locate water, oil, gold and other minerals, the pendulum is also one of the oldest processes used to channel guidance from the higher realms. This simple tool can provide a pathway to help with creativity. We’re going to show you how. 

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Do You Tell People You’re a Writer?

We’re talking people and writing, friends and family. All too often creatives are placed on the firing line – the moment we mention we’re writers we may be opening Pandora’s Box, and that’s before we release our words to the world for people to judge our intellectual labor. Do you tell people you’re a writer?

Side-Dish-Extra: Friends, Family & Writing

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Astrology for Writers

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get a good feel for the person your character represents, especially during the initial stages of creation. We’re discussing how writers can make use of Astrology to help create their characters – even if you’re not a believer!

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