CWE Podcast

 Conversations about the writer’s life, craft and alternative practices.

The Value of an Apology with Brett de Hoedt

Apologies are good for the soul, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the words for an apology or know how to accept one. As writers, sometimes we make mistakes, or maybe something we write might upset readers. Knowing how to apologise and the value of an apology is a handy tool to have in your writers’ toolkit. Brett de Hoedt hosts The Hardest Word Podcast – a podcast of apologies. They are heartfelt, beautiful, moving, and some are incredibly well written with poetic language. 

We talk to Brett all about apologies.

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Writing to Make a Difference

Injecting truth into your words, getting vulnerable and addressing issues affecting the human condition isn’t always easy. Yet, the process of sharing experiences and spotlighting controversial topics is the path to creating a better world.  

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TV Shows & Storytelling

TV is like the modern equivalent of oral storytelling. Watching TV is a fast way to get a story injection. When stories are your mojo, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of popular culture – the incredible writing portrayed in some of today’s TV series bridges the gap for the modern storyteller.

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WriteHive Writers Convention with Tyler Zeoli

WRITEHIVE writers convention is an online, non-profit, all-digital convention designed to celebrate the diversity, accomplishments, and community of writers and literary professionals around the world. Assistant Executive Coordinator, Tyler Zeoli joins us to discuss the innovative aspects offered by this first annual writers event set to raise industry standards surrounding free online writer conventions.He also shares with us his unique (and awesome) views about why stories are important on a cosmic scale.

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What Fuels Your Creative Fire?

We are writers when we’re writing. Yet, in an ever-changing publishing landscape saturated with thousands of new releases every year, sometimes it can be difficult to find and keep your “mojo”.

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Publishing Reflections

How do you know when you’re on the right path? Kim & Catherine discuss the mistakes they’ve made and the things they’re learned along their publishing journey, and how surrounding yourself with like-minded people is important to your writing career. 

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Men, Women & Story – A Deep Dive into Communication Between the Sexes.

Dialogue is the most important part of fiction, and the one thing you can’t afford to screw up. We’re talking about communication and character dialogue – How we convey our characters through communication to drive the story and reveal character traits readers can relate with.

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Rewiring your Brain for Creativity with Bestselling Author Beth Prentice

Join us in a creative discovery as we pick best-selling author, Beth Prentice’s … erm … brain and pluck out her secrets on how she balances between the logical and creative parts of her brain to generate a productive author business.

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The Pendulum for Creativity

The Pendulum has a rich history dating back as far as 6000 BC. Historically used to locate water, oil, gold and other minerals, the pendulum is also one of the oldest processes used to channel guidance from the higher realms. This simple tool can provide a pathway to help with creativity. We’re going to show you how. 

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Do You Tell People You’re a Writer?

We’re talking people and writing, friends and family. All too often creatives are placed on the firing line – the moment we mention we’re writers we may be opening Pandora’s Box, and that’s before we release our words to the world for people to judge our intellectual labor. Do you tell people you’re a writer?

Side-Dish-Extra: Friends, Family & Writing

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Astrology for Writers

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get a good feel for the person your character represents, especially during the initial stages of creation. We’re discussing how writers can make use of Astrology to help create their characters – even if you’re not a believer!

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