Is it Real? You May Never Know Unless You Walk Away

Sometimes, you have to let it go. When I first met my husband, we both had ex-partners floating around the sidelines of our lives. Having people on the sidelines is like moonlighting — they appear in your life as distractions, or as leisurely pursuits with mutual understanding that the relationship is on the fly. That’s … Continue reading Is it Real? You May Never Know Unless You Walk Away

What Does a Gentleman Look Like to You?

A gentleman, while antiquated as a term, is a description of one with grace. Isn’t it odd that we call a civil man a gentleman and a woman who carries herself with self-respect, a lady?- Xavier Eastenbrick. My mother used to tell me that I was a beacon for jerks. She was right. Somehow, I had … Continue reading What Does a Gentleman Look Like to You?

Awakening the Heart Can Do Anything

But it takes a whole lot of courage to get there. A rustic wooden heart dangles on a solitary, wrought iron candelabra that my son crafted during a metal workshop lesson some years ago. It’s rough and wore-torn, and it leans slightly to one side but I love it. It stands atop a chest of … Continue reading Awakening the Heart Can Do Anything

The Ecstasy of Soul Sex

The soul is the ultimate lover Let’s talk about sex. I don’t mean the run-of-the-mill penetrative kind of sex that you’re used to reading about and have probably been practicing for a good portion of your adult life. I’m talking about unearthly pleasures, sensual indulgences and exquisite peaks that exist within the deeper dimensions of … Continue reading The Ecstasy of Soul Sex

Promises of Love

Last year I was married by the salty crash of waves against a rocky cliff with a handful of guests. The afternoon was perfect in every way - even if our 3 year old son refused to wear his gorgeous black pageboy suit, turning up in very underwhelming attire. In hindsight I should have just … Continue reading Promises of Love