Blood Legends: Ascension – Book Review

The Secret Library Book Blog

Title: Blood Legends: Ascension

Author: Kim Petersen

Genre: Urban fantasy/dystopian fantasy

Rating: 5 Stars

Not even the most cunning vampire can outsmart his way toward Ascension.

The dome city is complete, and a new society must be established. An impenetrable wall separates the districts. The division between factions of humans and vampires is drawn. Slavery, blood, and power are the only objectives in a fascist world.

With the radical changes underway, Jett, a rebel vampire with a secret goal to find a cure for the V-Virus is forced to make life-altering choices when his overlord announces plans to claim his daughter as the first ever vampire queen.

Will Jett play it safe and conform to the new world? Or will he stand firm in his beliefs and seek out his own kind of ascension?

* * *

My Review

After Jett’s adventures in Blood Legend: Undead and Blood…

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Blood Legend: Rebirth – Book Review

Thanks to The Secret Library Book Blog for reviewing Blood Legends: Rebirth!

The Secret Library Book Blog

Title: Blood Legend: Rebirth

Author: Kim Petersen

Genre: Urban fantasy/Dystopian

Rating: Five stars

** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **

** Spoilers for books one and two in this series **

Promises made by the undead remained undead.

A mysterious prophecy has come to pass with the arrival of a newborn baby.

The survival of the vampire clan is now threatened with the rebirth of a long-buried species. The Lygarou have reawakened with an unquenchable thirst for blood.

The next full moon is looming and Jett has no choice but to face the reckoning. He must find and kill the wolf-mother and her baby before his sire destroys the only person remaining in his life worth living for.

But when Jett unearths the truth about the Lygarou bloodlines, he is forced to face a choice that will forever altar the…

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