Kickstart Your Writer’s Ear

Don’t you just love overhearing snippets of conversations? I do. I’m not a snoop but some types of random communication between strangers help to kickstart my writer’s ear — I like to tune into the way people talk, their quirky wisecracks and tone of voice. It can be interesting research for any writer. Why? Because … Continue reading Kickstart Your Writer’s Ear

How The Four Happy Hormones Can Help Replenish Your Vitality

#3 Oxytocin, the love hormone. by Gerthy Bingoly The human body is a machine made to feel, an apparatus of excitement and pain, a box of emotions. Those feel good and feel bad moments are at the center of your everyday activities. The difference between waking up with a smile and jumping out of bed with … Continue reading How The Four Happy Hormones Can Help Replenish Your Vitality

How to Absolutely, Positively Get Life Right

By Julia Hubbel Before you throw your laptop at my head, read this first: The best way to be different is to consistently do the things other people refuse to do.The best way to live the life you dream is to stop obsessing about what other people think.The best way to succeed is to out think, out hustle, … Continue reading How to Absolutely, Positively Get Life Right

A Writer’s Wine

Is the echo of their soul. Just as I sit down to write this message for you, Never Tear Us Apart by INXS starts drifting through my opened office window. The neighbours are using their outdoor sound system. At least they have the fortitude to play decent music. Kirk Pengilly owns the saxophone that carries along the summer … Continue reading A Writer’s Wine