Blood Legend: Undead – Book Review

Thanks to Rosie from The Secret Library for taking a peek at Blood Legends: Undead and posting a review.
Much appreciated.
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Title: Blood Legend: Undead

Author: Kim Petersen

Genre: Urban fantasy/dystopian

Rating: Five stars

** I received a free copy of this book for an honest review **

blood legends“What if saving humanity meant facing your deepest fears?

A deadly virus has ravaged the earth. Human survivors spend their days and nights fighting to stay alive in a world now owned by vampires.

Jett’s plans to get further off-grid fall apart when his woman suddenly disappears at the hands of the hawkers – the most deplorable and dangerous humans to survive the apocalypse.

Now, Jett is forced to confront evil head-on as he faces choices that he never dreamed possible.”

* * *

My Review

This book made me miss my stop on the tube. I was so engrossed in this book that we went whizzing by Victoria tube station and I was at Oxford Circus before I realised I should have…

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