How to Spot a Man with Decency

Why women can’t find them and what to look out for. “Why can’t I find a good man?” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a woman complain about the lack of “decent” men in today’s world. Some men may have said the same about women. This observation was made by women … Continue reading How to Spot a Man with Decency

5 Ways to Tell a Woman That You Love Her Without Saying I Love You

Love has a language all of its own. “Once a man wins a woman’s love, the love is his forever. He can only lose the woman.” — Robert Brault. I love you. It doesn’t always mean what we might think. Depending on who’s saying it or in what context those words are spoken, they can … Continue reading 5 Ways to Tell a Woman That You Love Her Without Saying I Love You

Honor the Nail

Hey you. Stuff is going to hurt. A nail driving into timber. Agony for holes. Vacant suffocation. Some days vibrate with gutters. Life is too hard, you’ll think. Too hard to feel; to hear sweet sound; to gaze at a sunset. To be alive. Hey you. Things are going to kill. The nail sinks deeper. … Continue reading Honor the Nail

The Truth About Honesty

4 things to consider before you get brutally honest with the people you love. I’m not sure why people feel as if the truth needs to be brutally delivered in order to be effective. I believe that honesty embodies the qualities of love, matters of the heart and empathy. Brutality and cruelty are elements directly … Continue reading The Truth About Honesty

5 Signs You’ve Hit the Emotional Chemistry Jackpot

Have you drawn the winning numbers? The most vital component to kickstart a relationship would have to be emotional chemistry. Often described as a romantic spark, emotional chemistry is essentially the ambiguous and intangible phenomena shared by two people who feel a mutual special connection: · The magical “click”. · The unspoken and energetic bond. … Continue reading 5 Signs You’ve Hit the Emotional Chemistry Jackpot

Death Kiss

“Your thoughts elude me.” “They’re not yours to take.” Marius gave a soft laugh. The sound was like nectar on my soul. It took all I had to ignore the slow burn. I focused on the dark empty street below. It was raining and I was glad. The rain would cleanse the city streets. God … Continue reading Death Kiss