Kim Petersen

“Nietzsche was fond of saying that acts of love take place beyond good and evil.”

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Kim Petersen is a USA Today Bestselling author of the new (and upcoming) Blood Legends series, The Ascended Angels Chronicles, and co-author of the Stone the Crows series. Her debut novel, Millie’s Angel received a gold award in the 2017 Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards.

Kim is a top writer on Medium in Love, Relationships and Life Lessons.

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Kim talks to Kelton Reid from The Writer Files Podcast (the best podcast host ever!)

“With how our lifestyles are, and the technology, we seem to have also become more disconnected from ourselves.” – Kim Petersen

“Her latest is a foray into non-fiction titled Creative Writing Energy: Tools to Access Your Higher-Creative Mind – co-authored with colleague, romance writer Catherine Evans.”

“It’s been described as a book “…written for creatives about developing pathways to access the higher-creative mind…alternative ways…” and tools for unlocking your creativity.” – Kelton Reid

Listen Here

“Before you dismiss this episode as a little “woo-woo,” I assure you that we dig into the reasons behind the current shift for creatives toward alternative ways of thinking, New Age modalities, and a generation of writers looking to tune-out the noise and live more authentically.” – Kelton Reid

Listen Here

Guest Blog Posts

the creative penn

Writing Tips: Overcoming Creative Blocks with a Pendulum

Every writer has strategies they use when they’re feeling blocked creatively and the words aren’t flowing. In this post, Kim Petersen shares one of her favorite ways to get back in touch with the creative muse.

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south coast writers centre

A Creative Dream

“There are no accidental meetings between souls.” – Sheila Burke

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Kim has made guest appearances on The Daily Meditation, Romance University, Romance Writers Australia: Hearts Talk Magazine, Kidspot Magazine, Write With Love Podcast, Wave FM Radio, ABC Illawarra Radio, The Kiama Independent and The Illawarra Mercury.

She has also appeared and hosted local events and workshops including an author panel at the 2019 Sydney Writers Festival, Shellharbour Libraries and Nowra Library.

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