Kim Petersen

“Nietzsche was fond of saying that acts of love take place beyond good and evil.”

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Words. We string them together in an attempt to describe ourselves, our experiences and the world…

Here’s a bunch of them pulled together about me:

I live from the heart and write from the soul. I’m the Yin in the Yang with a side of sarcastic humour. I laugh often and love much. I’m a believer, dreamer and visionary. I want peace and harmony to infect the world; I want love to replace fear as the driving emotion in every being.

I’m romantic and sensual; passionate and adventurous. I’m impatient, confused, forgiving and direct. I love the sound of my children’s laughter, the scent of rain before it falls, freshly cut grass and sea-briny air. I love open fires, candles and incense. I believe in love, deep connections and beautifully orchestrated encounters.

I’m quite good at procrastinating.

I think cats are exotic and mysterious creatures, butterflies and lady beetles are special and whales are the most majestic and beautiful mammals ever and should not be harmed. I believe all poachers should stop hunting right now.

I love beauty, strength, honesty, respect and loyalty. I admire fearlessness and vulnerability, and people that don’t get used to playing it safe. I surround myself with authentic, like-minded people and care very much for those who have stolen a piece of my heart and soul.

The gritty, dark and profane lingers, providing hours of twisted charm, beauty and self-analysis. I hate bigoted thinking, discrimination of every kind and fake people. I can’t stand self-importance, egotistical bullshit and double-standards. Judging and mistreating others is an act I consider deplorable. A natural-born rebel – strict ideals, superficial perimeters and intolerance makes my stomach curl.

Open your heart and your mind will follow.

I’m drawn toward challenges of all types and find the mystical aspects of our world utterly fascinating. I’m helpless when confronted with highly sensual people, art or natural phenomena and can be extremely exasperating to those closest to me. I suffer just as much, if it’s any consolation.

I’ve mastered the art of mental brain-bashing. Words are my thing. Writing is an important part of my life. I adore exploring the basic human condition through story and articles, and love delving into the land of make-believe, frequently finding myself in the minds of vampires, twisted creatures, shady characters and kick-ass heroines. Mostly, I want to entertain and uplift spirits through the words I create.   

I am a USAT Bestselling Author, written and published a bunch of books (and series) and my debut novel, Millie’s Angel received a gold award in the 2017 Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards. I publish articles weekly here at Whispering Ink but don’t expect fluff – expect real stuff and a wide range of topics including; personal growth, relationships, craft, parenting, spirituality, memoir-style recounts, sexuality and the occasional controversial topic. Expect the truth from yours truly and guests as we see it through our perspectives.

I value your input and celebrate diverse viewpoints, so feel free to drop your own words in the comments if you have something to say. Not much offends me – I don’t live in a glass house. Just keep it respectful.

I live in a sun-burnt country where the beaches are pristine, the weather is near perfect and the people are extremely laid-back. That would be Australia. I force myself out of bed in the wee hours to walk the oceans roads of a NSW sleepy coastal town we I live; I’m currently obsessed with taking photos of the sun rising from the sea. Travelling is a treasure trove of expanding those horizons like experience, empathy, compassion and humanity.

Dreams are born and nurtured with the stars. The sea whispers endless secrets.

I love empty beaches, summer storms, big shady trees, music, dancing while cleaning the house and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I love dark humour, smart sarcasm and people that don’t take themselves (or me) too seriously. Luckily, Aussies are blessed with a “she’ll be right” attitude, otherwise, I might find myself in a spot of trouble more often than I’d like.

I LOVE the open-minded individual; the one unafraid to express him/herself, take chances and stand strong alongside their truths – and I don’t apologise for driving you crazy 😉

  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Number: 1
  • American Indian Totem: Raven
  • Chinese Zodiac: The Ox
  • Tarot: The Magician
  • Crystal: Rose Quartz

Features, Appearances & Mentions

Sydney’s Writer’s Festival – Author Panel – 2019

Nowra Library Author Talk Event – 2019

Shellharbour Libraries – Self Publishing Workshop with Catherine Evans – 2019

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