Promises of Love

Last year I was married by the salty crash of waves against a rocky cliff with a handful of guests. The afternoon was perfect in every way – even if our 3 year old son refused to wear his gorgeous black pageboy suit, turning up in very underwhelming attire. In hindsight I should have just dressed him in his favorite Spider man outfit and been done with it. Now that would have made for some interesting photos!

I came across the wedding vows I wrote today. They never made the light of day due to the fact that my groom thought he would wing his vows on the big day – until his nerves had other ideas. I was totally fine with this scenario, as I am not the best at speaking publicly. So, here I share those unspoken vows with the hope that you may share some romantic stories with me.

After all, I  am a writer and always looking for inspiring tales of love …


“I never really understood what it meant to love a man until I loved you.

You are my lover and my light,

My greatest adversary and my softest place to fall,

My partner in parenthood, my student and my teacher.

And still after all these years, you are the cause of the slight rush of blood to my head and the delightful skip of my heart.

I love the way you make me laugh, I love your style and your moves on the dance floor and I swear, I would marry you for your Indonesian cooking alone!

I love the life we have made together with all of our beautiful children,

I love dreaming my dreams beside you.

I see all of you, and all that you are, I promise to love and cherish forever”



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